Frequently Asked Questions

General questions


May I walk instead of running?

Yes, of course. If you get tired, you are free to walk between obstacles. :)


May I skip an obstacle?

Yes, if you do not feel comfortable with an obstacle, you can walk around it.


Will there be a parking facility?

There will be limited parking facilities near the event and parking fees may apply. It differs at each location.


Will there be a cloakroom?

Yes, you will have the possibility to leave your belongings at a guarded place at your own responsibility. We are not liable for any loss or damage. Please put all of your belonging into one bag, in order to avoid long lines.


May I bring along friends and family to watch me run?

Yes, we definitely encourage you to bring them! The spectators can enter the area of the race free of charge. But they can only stay at the designated spectator areas.


What about the bad weather? Will you hold the event under such circumstances?

In case of rain we will still hold the event. However, in extreme weather conditions, we hold the right to refrain from setting up certain obstacles or cancel the race altogether. Please check the entry policy and the event page on Facebook for further information.


I would like to volunteer! How can I apply?

Please find the following link with the application form: 

Registration / Entry

What happens if I do not receive the registration email after I have registered on the website? 

Please check your spam folder. If it is not in the spam folder, you can request the email to be sent again. Bring your arrow to the top right corner and hover over log in and there will be a button requesting the email to be sent again.


What is the age limit entry for the running event?

Participants must be at least 8 years old and they must reach a minimum of 130 cm of body height. We will measure the height of the participants at the entrance gate. Please do not bring your children if they are less than 130 cm. We will measure every child so in order to avoid disappointment please be sure about their height. 

Participants under the age of 15 must run with parental supervision.

In addition, every participant under the age of 18 must get one of his/her parents or legal guardian to sign the entry ticket. Without the signature they cannot participate in the run. 


My parents will not participate. Can I be the supervisor of my sibling who is under 15?

Yes, it is possible, but please be advised that you have to be over 18 and both of you will need an entry ticket. Following the registration his/her entry ticket will be a parental declaration that must be signed by the parents or legal guardian. 


Is there a weight limit?

Yes, a participant's maximum body weight is 120 kg.


What does the entry fee include?

  • participation in the event
  • a bib number
  • a polyester t-shirt with the CRAZY5K logo
  • a unique medal at the end of the run
  • refreshments (once during and once at the end of the event)
  • cloakroom storage (free)
  • medical supervision
  • access to changing rooms


How can I request the invoice to be issued for a company name?

During payment, when you enter the invoice data you can give the company's name and data. It is not possible to modify the invoice once payment has been made.


Can I enter on-site, on the day of the event?

Only if there are vacancies or remaining spots open at that time.


Is there a student or children discount?

There is no student discount, but there is a child discount of 20% applicable until the age of 14. The child discount can not be combined with the group discounts.  


Can any of the discounts be combined?

No they can not be combined in any way. The child discount, the coupon discount and the group discount can only be used separately. 


Will I get information prior to the event?

Yes, a few days before the event we will send every participant an e-mail including the map of the event, parking facilities and the route.


What should I bring along to the event?

You can pick up your starter package only in return for the printed, filled out and signed entry ticket. Other than that, bring along your friends and your enthusiasm! :)


Can I pick up another participant's starter package?

If you would like to pick up another participant's starter package, you must bring along his or her printed and signed entry ticket.


When can I pick up the starter package?

On the day of the event, on the site.


How much earlier should I be there before the event starts?

As the wavetimes start in every fifteen minutes, it is recommended to get there in time to make sure you have time to pick up the starter package (approximately an hour before your wavetime)


Will there be a common warm-up?

Yes, there will be a short common warm-up before every wave.


What clothes should I wear for the event?

Comfortable sportswear and training shoes. It is recommended to wear a long sleeved t-shirt to avoid any grazing.


Is the distance exactly 5 km?

No, calculate with a few hundred meters' difference.


Is the rave timed?

No, it is not.


Is there an award at the end?

Everyone who finishes the race, is awarded a unique medal and t-shirt. 


What is the sizing of the t-shirts?

The unisex t-shirts come in adult sizing. On the day of the event we will try to give you the t-shirt size you have requested during registration. It is not possible to change sizes on the spot, since we order a fixed number of t-shirts.


Where will I find the videos, pictures taken during the event?

The pictures and videos will be available in the gallery of the website in about 1-2 weeks after the actual event.


I can not find my entry ticket, I lost it. What can I do?

After logging in you can download it again from the tickets section of your profile. Print it again, fill it out and have it signed and do not forget to bring it with you to the event.


Team Entry

How many members can be in a team?

A team may consist of 5 or 10 people.


How can a new team be created?

After registration, the team captain will purchase the 5 or 10 tickets in one as a package. It is important to fill out all the required information and the details of the participants before buying the tickets. 

After payment the tickets will be automatically generated in the team captains profile. Only the team captain can modify the tickets (for a fee) and download them in a pdf.

The team captain will be the one who receives all the emails and information about the event and it is his/her responsibility to share it with the other team members.


How is payment made if we enter as a team?

When the team captain creates the team, he/she pays in one installment the full cost of entry for the number of participants he/she listed. The members should settle their due amounts to the captain individually. We are not taking any responsibility for any payment issues that might arise within a team. 


When will I receive my entry voucher if I enter as a team?

If the team captain has entered you into the event then he/she will have it. 


How can I add a new team member?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add new team members. It must be decided at the creation of the team whether you want a 5- or a 10-member team.



Refunds and modifications

Is there a refund if I can not attend the event?

Yes, according to clause 10 of the General Terms and Conditions, or you can hand your entry over to another person for a fee until two weeks before the day of the running event . Log in to your account and under My tickets in your Profile you can transfer your entry to someone else. Do not forget that you can only modify your entry once, either transfer it to someone else or change the wave time.  


Can I transfer my entry to another wavetime?

Yes, as long as there are free places, you can transfer your entry to another wavetime for a fee. Do not forget that you can only do this until two weeks before the event, after that you will not be able to change the wavetime. Log in to your account and under My tickets you will have the option to modify it. Do not forget that you can only modify your entry once, either transfer it to someone else or change the wave time. 


Can I hand my entry over to someone else?

Yes, you can hand your entry over to someone else for a fee until two weeks before the day of the running event . After that you can not make any modifications. Don’t forget that you can only modify your entry once, either transfer it to someone else or change the wave time. Log in to your account and under My tickets you will have the option to modify it. 


Can I transfer my entry to another CRAZY 5K event?

Unfortunately, you can not transfer your entry to another event. However you can transfer your entry for a fee to someone else.


If I can not attend the event, can you send the t-shirt and the medal by post?

No, unfortunately it is not possible.



Was geschieht, wenn ich nach der Registration die Bestätigungs-E-Mail nicht bekomme?

Wahrscheinlich ist sie in der Spam-Mappe gelandet. Sieh bitte auch dort nach.


Wie ist die Altersgrenze zur Anmeldung?

Die Altersgrenze wird auf 8 Jahre beschränkt und der Wettkampfteilnehmer muss mindestens 130 cm groß sein. Die Größe der Kinder wird mit der Hilfe einer Maße am Tag des Wettbewerbs gemessen werden. Es lohnt sich nicht (wegen der Kinder) zu riskieren. Kinder unter dieser Größe können nicht teilnehmen!

Teilnehmer unter 15 Jahren müssen unter Beaufsichtigung eines Elternteils laufen. Jeder Teilnehmer unter 18 Jahren muss die Teilnehmerkarte nach dem Ausdrucken von einem Elternteil unterschreiben lassen.

Bei wem die Unterschrift fehlt, der kann nicht am Wettkampf teilnehmen.


Gibt es eine Gewichtsgrenze?

Ja, der Wettkampfteilnehmer darf höchstens 120 kg wiegen.


Was beinhaltet die Einschreibegebühr?

  • Teilnahme am Wettbewerb
  • Startnummer
  • technisches T-shirt mit einem Crazy5K-Logo
  • Zielmedaille
  • Erfrischungen (einmal während des Wettlaufs, einmal am Ende)
  • Gebrauch der Gardrobe ist kostenlos
  • ärztliche Überwachung
  • Gebrauch der Kabine (weiblich/männlich)


Wie kann man eine auf den Namen der Firma lautende Rechnung bekommen?

Beim Bezahlen der Gebühr. Du musst den Namen und die Adresse angeben, auf die die Rechnung ausgestellt werden soll. Nach Bezahlung mit Rechnung besteht keine Möglichkeit zu Änderungen.


Kann ich mich auch am Tag des Wettbewerbs vor Ort einschreiben?

Dazu besteht leider keine Möglichkeit.


Gibt es Ermäßigung für Studenten?

Für Studenten gibt es keine Ermäßigung. Aber für Kinder bis 14 Jahre gibt es 20% Kinderermäßigung und für Mannschaften10% oder 20% Ermäßigung. 


Bekomme ich vor dem Wettbewerb noch Informationen?

Ja, einige Tage vor dem Wettbwerb senden wir jedem Teilnehmer eine E-Mail, die die Geländekarte, Parkmöglichkeiten und die Route enthält.


Was soll ich zum Wettbewerb mitbringen?

Das Startpaket bekommst du gegen Übergabe deiner ausgedruckten und unterschriebenen Teilnehmerkarte. Ansonsten bring deine Freunde mit und gute Laune.


Kann ich das Startpaket eines anderen Teilnehmers abholen?

Wenn du das Startpaket eines anderen abholen möchtest, musst du seine unterschriebene Teilnehmerkarte mitbringen.


Wann kann man das Startpaket abholen?

Am Tag des Wettbewerbs, vor Ort.


Wie viele Minuten vor dem Beginn muss man vor Ort sein?

Da alle 15 Minuten ein Start ist, ist es empfehlenswert rechtzeitig da zu sein, damit du das Startpaket abholen kannst. als Empfehlung sagen wir eine Stunde vor dem Start.


Ist vor dem Start Zeit sich gemeinsam aufzuwärmen?

Ja, vor jedem Start ist Zeit sich gemeinsam kurz aufzuwärmen.


Was für Kleidung muss man zum Wettkampf tragen?

Bequeme Sportkleidung und Sportschuhe.


Beträgt die Strecke genau 5 km?  

Nein, mit einigen 100 Metern Abweichung ist zu rechnen.


Wird die Zeit gemessen?



Gibt es Preise?

Jeder am Ziel Angekommene bekommt eine eigene Medaille und ein T-Shirt.


Welche Größe haben die T-Shirts?

Die unisex T-Shirts sind in Größen für Erwachsene. Du bekommst das T-Shirt am Tag des Wettbewerbs in der Größe, die du bei der Anmeldung angegeben hast. Umtausch ist leider nicht möglich, da wir nur die benötigte Anzahl an T-Shirts bestellen.


Wo finde ich die beim Wettbewerb geschossenen Videos und Fotos?

Ungefähr 1 bis 2 Wochen nach dem Wettbewerb sind die Fotos und Videos in der Galerie der Webseite zu sehen.


Was soll ich tun, wenn ich meine Teilnehmerkarte nicht finde?

Nach der Anmeldung kannst du sie herunterladen: im Menü Profil – Karten .