Terms of Use – Privacy Policy, regulation, principles

The operator of the website www.crazy5k.com hereby discloses to the visitors of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) its privacy policy, principles; its practice pursued as regards handling personal data, the measures taken to protect data, and the visitors' rights relevant to this, and the claims they may make. The operator of the Website is CRAZY RUNNING EVENTS Kft. (hereinafter referred to as Operator) (headquarters: 1036 Budapest, Lajos u. 93-99. H3/5)


General rule

Entry to the operator's www.crazy5k.com website and the usage of the website is permitted solely under the following provisions and conditions, and in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Hungary.


The www.crazy5k.com website of the Operator is protected by copyright. The Operator or other members of the company are the owners or the authorized users of the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of any text, image, sound, software and other materials on the website. You are entitled to read the Operator's website, make an extracted copy of it by printing, downloading to disc, and by forwarding to another person, but in all cases for exclusively personal, informative but not commercial purposes. It is prohibited to sell or pass on the copy of any part of the website for commercial profit! It is prohibited to modify any part of the website or to incorporate it into another piece of work, publication or website, in either an electronic or a traditional way. Besides the ones hereby disclosed, the Operator does not permit any other authorization or right in connection with its website.


Every trademark (brand, logo, etc.) used on the Operator's website is owned or used under a licence agreement by the Operator or other members of the company.

Content of the website

The items of information found on the website have been uploaded in good faith, but they only serve an informative purpose. The information cannot be relied on for purposes other than getting information, and the Operator does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness of the items of information.

The information found on the website should by no means be interpreted as a call for investing in the company.

Neither the Operator, nor other companies in partnership with it, or their employees, or their agents take responsibility for the possible losses, damages, costs (including, without restrictions, any profit missed, indirect, collateral or consequential losses) that stem from entry into the Operator's website or its usage.

The Operator retains the right to make any modification, correction on its website, any time that it deems it necessary, without prior warning. The User is compelled to check the website from time to time in order to ensure getting the knowledge about the potential changes.

Related websites

The Operator's website may contain reference points (so-called hyperlinks) that provide automatic follow options to other Internet websites. These related websites are owned and operated by third parties.

The Operator conveys only access to the related websites, but neither the Operator, nor other companies related to the Operator, or their employees or agents take no obligation, responsibility of any nature for these websites or for the information found on them, even if it was reviewed or approved by the employee, agent of the Operator, or other companies related to the Operator.

If You would like to return to the Operator's website from a linked website, use the button/arrow “back”, or type the domain name of the website (www.crazy5k.com).


If the Operator asks a visitor of the Website for personal data for any purpose, it shall be governed by the following provisions.

This privacy statement contains the basic information regarding the managing, processing and administration of the personal data potentially given by the User while using the Operator's website.

The Privacy Statement may be modified any time, the User is compelled to check the website from time to time in order to ensure learning about the potential changes. The Privacy Statement entered into force on the 1st day of January, 2017.

Request for data

The Operator values the personality rights of the visitors of its website.

The User is not requested to share any data to be able to use the website in general; though, to be able to use certain services, it may be necessary for the User to make some specific data available to the Operator.

Personal data include those items of information that may be used for Your identification, for example your name, date of birth, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Managed data

Managing the data provided to be able to use the website is performed with the voluntary permission of the User.

The Operator administers no other personal data but the ones that have been voluntarily provided by You. After you have shared your personal data with us, at the same time you authorize us to use this information in the way and for the purpose described herein and particularly specified on the website.

At the same time, You also have the right to limit, prohibit the usage of these items of information, to terminate the future relationship any time. Please, address this request of yours or any enquiry, comment regarding the management of personal data at the e-mail address info@crazy5k.com

In order to continuously improve the services of our website we count the number of visitors by the number of clicks onto the site or the pictures. Our website may save information coming from your computer like the IP address, the type of your browser, the operating system of your computer. These are not considered personal data, administering and retaining such data serves solely statistical and improvement purposes.

The Operator requests that „under age persons” - according to the relevant local laws – should not perform legal acts (registration, entry, purchase or any other act) without the permission of the parent or legal counsel.

Purpose of data management

Data management serves the purpose of maintaining unbroken customer relationship between the registered Users utilizing the services of the Website and the Operator. Furthermore, usage and management is carried out for exclusively the purpose of providing a higher quality service to the User.

The Operator may use your voluntarily shared personal or company data – in the absence of your opposing provision, and beyond the other ways and purposes of usage specified on the website -: - promotional purposes relating to our services (participating in sweepstakes, sending samples or newsletters, offering products/services) - offering products/services jointly with other companies.

The Operator may contact the User via e-mail, telephone or postal mail.

The Operator shall keep all information and facts regarding the Users confidential, and use those exclusively to improve its services, sell its advertising spaces, and to conduct its own research and do statistics. Publication of the reports of these shall be made in a form that is not suitable for the individual identification of the Users.

The Operator shall not pass on, disclose, sell or hire or make your personal data available to third parties without your permission, unless it is necessary for the purposes specified in this Privacy Statement, or required by the law.

Duration of data management

The Operator shall not take reponsibility for its earlier pages that have already been deleted, but still archived by internet search programmes. These pages should be removed by those maintaining the search programmes.

Persons accessing the data, data processers

The personal data provided by the Users shall be accessible for the associates of the Operator. The Operator shall not disclose personal data to third parties beyond those specified. This does not apply to potential compulsory disclosure of data as required by the law, which happens only in extraordinary cases. Before complying with each official request for data disclosure, the Operator shall examine, regarding each item of information, whether there is a legal basis for the claim of data disclosure.

The protection of your personal data is of top priority for CRAZY RUNNING EVENTS Kft. The collection and processing of data of personal nature necessary for the usage of our website and suitable for identification conform to the current Hungarian regulations of data protection (Act CXII of 2011).

Rights of the Users in relation to the management of their personal data, data deletion

The legal basis for data handling is the voluntary permission of the Users.

The Users may ask for information about handling their personal data. The information may be requested at the Operator's postal address (1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 93-99. H3/5), or at the e-mail address info@crazy5k.com.

The Users may request updating or deleting their personal data at the same availabilities.

In the case of not appropriate website service usage, or at the User's own request we shall delete the data belonging to the User. Deletion shall take place within 10 days from the working day after the deletion request has been made.

Data protection measures

The Operator places great emphasis on the security of personal data. In order to prevent unauthorized access to personal data, we apply appropriate physical, electronic procedure for the protection and security of the data coming online.

Law enforcement

If the User feels the Operator has violated the User's right to the protection of personal data, a claim may be made before a court of civil jurisdiction, or the help of the Data Protection Supervisor may be requested. The detailed legal provisions relevant to this and the obligations of the Operator are included in Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and the Publicity of Data of Public Interest.

The wording of the Privacy Statement has been based on Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information; and Act VI of 1998 on the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data.

Information on the threats to privacy

Using the Internet entails different threats to privacy.

We call your attention that your opinion written down on the website is considered personal data, which is suitable to draw conclusions regarding your special data, even your origins, or political views. These items of information will be available for everybody.

We recommend that you use PET technology (Privacy-enhancing technologies) in order to protect your personal data. You may find further information on this on several websites.

Google Analytics – Confidential Information

This website uses the application Google Analytics, a web analysing service provided by Google Inc. (Google). Google Analytics uses „cookies”, i. e. text files stored on your computer, which facilitates analysis regarding the usage of the website. Google sends the Cookie information generated during Your website usage (including your IP address) to a server in the United States and stores it there. Google uses this information to evaluate Your website usage, in order to set up a report of the website activities for the operator of the site, and to provide further services in connection with the usage of the website and the Internet. Google may disclose this information to third parties in certain cases, if the law requires or if the given third party processes this information for Google. Google shall not link your IP address with other Google date by any means. You can prohibit the use of Cookies by choosing the appropriate browser settings. Nevertheless, we would like to call your attention that in such a case you may not be able to access all functions of the website. By using this website you approve that Google uses the data related to You in the ways and for the purposes specified above.