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Valid only for running events organised by Crazy Running Events Kft. and Crazy5K Sports Association.

By using the web store, the Customer acknowledges and accepts the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Purchase. These Terms and Conditions of Purchase contain the terms and conditions of using the web store at The technical information required for the use of the web store, which is not included in these Terms and Conditions of Purchase, is provided by additional information available in the web store.

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Crazy 5K SE
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1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 93-99 H3/5
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Botond Csiszár, President
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Tax number: 19138392-1-41
 Company registration numb
er:  01-02-0017103


The hosting provider name, address: Evista Kft. 6722 Szeged, Attila utca. 11., I./1.
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Terms of Use, Purchase Process – Technical Steps


1. Find and Register for a Running Event

On our website ( ) the Customer may select a running event of interest to him or her and/or to register (buy a participation ticket) to it by means of the following steps: the Customer clicks on the selected running event and, in the case of his/her intention to purchase, presses the “ENTRY” button to enter the web store operated by


2. Participating Application (Entry)


The entries include the administration fee and the ticket.


After having registered, the Customer can submit the entry to the given running event not only on behalf of himself or herself, but also on behalf of his or her teammates. After giving the details required for the entry, the system will automatically calculate the subtotal and the total amounts in the “Basket” menu item.  If there is any failure or deficiency in the web store regarding the system of entry registrations, or any problem arises with the time zones, the Seller reserves the right to make corrections. In such a case, we will immediately inform the Customer about the new data after recognising and modifying the error. The Seller reserves the right to modify the advertised time zones based on security considerations.


3. Prices

Our prices are list prices valid at the time of order placement and can be found on the website in the pricelist for the given running event, but you can also find them in advertisements and other appearances. Payment of the entry fee is possible in HUF.

Discounts provided on registration are valid until 23:59:59 of the date indicated in the scale of registration fees on the seller's website ( In this case, the entry registration is made at a discounted price.

The prices shown on the website are gross prices and include the General Sales Tax. If any failure or deficiency occurs in the web store regarding the system of entry registrations, or any problem arises with the prices, the Seller reserves the right to make corrections. In such a case, we will immediately inform the Customer about the new data after recognising and modifying the error. After this, the Customer shall confirm the entry once more and also it is possible for any party to withdraw from the contract.


3.1. Group discounts

If the team is registered online, a team of 5 will receive a 10% discount from the list price, a team of 10 will receive a 20% discount from the list price. A team entry can be used for the same wave. On team entry night, based on point 10, only the "buyer" as a person in a contractual relationship can act.



4. Submission of a Participating Application (Entry)

You should check the box serving for confirmation, registration of the entry, including the acceptance of the following:

·               the entry requirements,

·               general terms and conditions,

·               the privacy policy,

·               the participant is at least 130 cm high.


Then click the “Entry” button. Before placing the order, please, read carefully the “Entry Requirements" section. After your entry is sent and received, we will confirm your order by email. The confirmation e-mail includes the name and date of the running event, the information provided during the registration, the registration price, the registration number of the participant, and the ticket.


5. Order Processing, Confirmation

It is possible to pay in our store by means of a bank transfer (1) or a credit card (2).

(1) Orders are processed within 5 business days after bank transfer payment. After receiving the payment, the seller confirms it in an electronic message.
 (2) Orders are processed within 5 to 45 minutes of the payment with a bank card. After receiving the payment, the seller confirms it electronically, in an automatic message.


6. Method of Payment

It is possible to pay in our store by means of a bank transfer (1) or a credit card (2).

(1) Information regarding payment by bank transfer: payment from a bank account by bank transfer, in which case the Customer shall pay after the confirmation of the entry, but no later than within 1 business day. After the registration is confirmed, the Customer shall transfer the registration fee to the bank account number sent in the confirmation email, as specified in the email. If the Customer fails to meet the payment deadline, then the Seller will neither be able to maintain the Customer's entry beyond the deadline.
 (2) Information regarding payment by a bank card: in the case of payment via a bank card payment system on the website, the consumer receives a receipt for the accepted payment immediately. For bank card payments, the Customer may use K&H Bank's bank card payment system.


7. Conclusion of the Contract

The contract is deemed to be concluded when (1) the registration fee has been received in the seller's bank account (where the customer pays via transfer) and the seller electronically confirms the correctness of the accepted payment, or (2) the customer pays with a bank card and the seller confirms by electronic means the correctness of the accepted payment. Upon receipt of the registration amount, the submitted order is considered to be an electronically concluded contract, for which the provisions of the [Hungarian] Act CVIII of 2001 on certain aspects of electronic commerce services and information society services shall apply mutatis mutandis, and the seller shall register it and keep it to be accessible retrospectively until the web store is terminated. The contract can be concluded in Hungarian, English, Italian, and German languages; switching between the languages is possible in the upper right corner of the registration page. The web store does not contract with minors. The Customer declares that he or she is of legal age by accepting the terms of trade.

The contract falls within the scope of Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26) Korm. on the detailed rules of contracts concluded between consumers and businesses and takes into account the provisions of Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on the consumer rights.


8. Use of the Entry

After receiving the payment confirmation by email, the Customer or the team members he or she has entered are entitled to participate as a runner in the race specified in the registration. The Seller has the right to change the time of the race indicated by the Customer, however in this case the Seller must inform the Customer under all circumstances.


9. Invoice

After making the payment the customer will receive the invoice by email and can also download it at in the menu “My Purchases”. If the customer needs an invoice with other billing information (such as the name of a sports association), he or she must enter the Company details in the “Billing Data” step of the purchase process before the payment of the order. If the Customer does not fill in these data, the invoice will be generated in the name of the race participant. In the Purchase Summary menu, carefully check the billing information you provided, as your billing details cannot be changed after you have paid the entry fee.


10. Withdrawal from Purchase

The Customer shall not be entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal or the right of cancellation pursuant to the Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26) Korm. because the registration (entry ticket) is valid for a specific date. 


However, our Sports Association may deviate positively from this, and we will proceed as follows:

Crazy5K SE can only accept cancellations up to 30 days (midnight) prior to the event in writing to In this case, Crazy5K SE will refund the price of the ticket paid, but the administration fee will not be refunded.


Other options:

  • Up to 5 days before the event (Monday midnight), entries can be modified once free of charge. Which can be done at (transfer of entry)
  • Online modified is not possible within 5 days prior to the event, only on-site for delivery fee.
  • Until the 5th day before the event (Monday midnight), the entry can be changed to another event. You must indicate this in writing to
  • In case of cancellation within 30 days before the event, but no later than on the 5th day (Monday to midnight), we can provide a coupon corresponding to the ticket price. The coupon is valid from the end of the following calendar year. You must indicate this in writing to



Using the system, it is only possible to buy tickets and you cannot make any ticket reservation or put any tickets on hold. The Customer purchases the tickets by entering the required data and then entering the card details on the bank interface, which the bank successfully accepts or, in the case of a transfer payment, by transferring the purchase price. According to the above, the purchase of tickets for a given date can be neither modified, nor cancelled or withdrawn.


11. In case of no competition

When we open the entries, we think we will most likely be able to host the event this year. The preparation and organization of the Crazy5K competition series is the result of an annual process and work that the office will carry out even if the competition is missed for any reason. This means a continuous preparation cost for us, which is financed by the current paid entry fees (the cost of the organizing team's salary and contribution, the cost of office and travels, programming tasks and subscriptions, non-cancellable services ordered from suppliers, etc.). In order to organize the competition on a long-term basis, we are obliged to introduce the following system of conditions, which will refund the ticket price to our entrants in the event of a delay, while financing the preparation process from the administration fee, thus creating the possibility of further competition.


The Participant acknowledges that if the competition is not held at the newly appointed additional time, the Organizer will announce the cancellation of the competition, modify the invoice issued for the entry fee and refund the price of the originally paid ticket.

The refund guarantee is not subject to the administration fee.


In case of stormy weather, the Organizer may suspend or resume the competition at any time. In the event of a suspended race, no extra time will be set and no refund will be given. The organizer will publish the information of the competitors during the competition on social media - on the series' Facebook page - and on the event's website.


12. Protection of Personal Data

The Seller has the right to electronically store and process all data of the customer in connection with the business relationship for the purpose of performing the contract, in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

The Seller processes the Customer's personal data in order to fulfil its obligation to the Customer, including, in particular, the Customer’s acceptance, registration, notice of registration, invoicing, establishing contact with the Customer in connection with the administration of the registration and complaints, and sending newsletters and advertising messages, if the Customer agrees to receiving those. In what follows, the Seller stores the personal data for the benefit of the Customer in order to manage further registrations and increase the convenience of further registrations using an automated pre-filled order form. The Seller undertakes not to use the Customer's personal data for any other purpose, and not to make it available to any third parties.

The Seller manages the Customer's personal information within the following scope: name, birth time, address, email address, phone number, t-shirt size, name and phone number of the person to be notified in case of an accident.

If the Customer requested information on the Seller's current offers during the registration process, then they will be sent to the email address provided by the Customer.

By ticking the appropriate box and submitting the order, the Customer gives his or her consent to the use of his or her personal data within the framework of the GTC. The Customer grants this consent to the Seller until its withdrawal, but for a maximum of 7 years.

The Customer may request the modification or deletion of his or her personal data in writing by email at (in Hungarian, English, Italian, German languages). In the case of a deletion request sent by email, the deletion will take place within 1 month of its confirmation. After logging in, the Customer or the person with the Registration can himself or herself delete the profile in the profile menu. In this case, the deletion occurs immediately. If tax-related certificates that contain personal information (e.g., invoices) are generated in the accounting system, these data cannot be deleted due to archiving required by law.


13. Copyright

The website of the Operator is copyrighted. The Operator or other members of the company are the owners or authorised users of copyright and other intellectual property rights related to any text, image, audio, software and other material found on the website. You are entitled to read the Operator's website, to make copy of its parts by printing, downloading onto a disc, and transmitting it to another person, but in any case, solely for personal, informative, non-commercial purposes. It is forbidden to sell or forward copies of any part of the website for commercial use! It is forbidden to change any part of the website or to include it in any other works, publications, websites, either in electronic or traditional form. In addition to what is described here, the Operator does not grant any other authorisation or right in connection with its website.


14. Trademarks

All trademarks (brand names, logos, etc.) used on the Operator's website are owned by or licensed to the Operator or other members of the company.


15. Content of the Website

The information on this website has been included in good faith but is for informational purposes only. You must not rely on this information for purposes other than orientation, and the Operator does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information.

The information on this website is in no way a call for investment in the company.

Neither the Operator, nor any other affiliated companies, nor their employees, or their agents shall be liable for any casual loss, damage or expense (including, without limitation, any loss of profit, indirect, incidental, or consequential loss) that result from entering or using the Operator's website.

The Operator reserves the right to make any changes and corrections on its website at any time when it deems this necessary, without prior notice. The User shall be obliged to check the Website from time to time to ensure that he or she is aware of any changes.


16. Complaint Management

The Customer may complain in writing, by email sent to (in Hungarian, English, Italian, German languages). When enforcing the complaint, the Customer shall be obliged to provide to the Seller the proof of payment for the entry and to name the specific facts.

The Seller will immediately begin handling the complaint within 5 business days from the filing of the complaint, in justified cases (especially if complex solutions are required) within 30 days from the filing of the complaint. The seller informs the consumer about the handling of the complaint by email. Handling of the complaint shall start no later than 30 days of  the date of service. After expiry of the deadline for handling the complaint, the consumer shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract.

Our collective strives to solve the problems that have arisen as soon as possible. If you have any problems with our company, web store or your order, please contact us at the following email address:!

Any issues not regulated in this contract shall be governed by the provisions of the [Hungarian] Civil Code.

The Contracting Parties agree to resolve any arising disputes amicably in the Hajdu-Bihari County Arbitration Board (Hajdu-Bihari Megyei Békéltető Testület) (address: 4025 Debrecen, Vörösmarty u. 13-15). If this fails to succeed, the parties agree on the exclusive jurisdiction of the Debrecen District Court (Debreceni Járásbíróság) (address: 4024 Debrecen, Arany János u. 25-31).


Thank you for reading this information!