28 April 2019


Are you ready for CRAZY5K?

Entry fees

Expires in


6000 Ft Until Feb 28
7000 Ft Until Mar 28
8000 Ft Until Apr 03
9000 Ft Until Apr 10

Team entry

Every member of a 10-person team is provided a 10% discount

while the 20-person team gets 20%.

One of the team members can buy the 10 or 20 entries as a package then assign the entires one by one to the team members manually or send them out by email. The payment is made in one installment by the team captain. No other coupon or age-discount applies in the case of team entry. Please be aware that the team entries cannot be modified or handover afterwards.
Further Information: FAQ

Wave starts

Make sure you and your friends enter for the same wave start! There are wave starts in every 15 minutes.
In the case of team entry, the team captain enters the entire team for one given wave time.

Avail / All
10:00 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:00

Create a team and invite your friends!

What does the entry fee include?

Unique Medal, Polyester T-shirt, Bib number, 2x Refreshment

Entry Rules

  • Participants with a maximum of 120 kg weight may enter.
  • A participant under 15 years of age can enter the running event only with parental supervision. Registration must also be made under the parent\'s account.
  • Participants with a minimum of 130 cm height can enter. Participants have to be at least 8 years old.
  • Participants over 15 years of age may enter the race alone, however, a competitor under 18 years of age must get one of their parents or his or her legal counsel to sign the entry ticket.
Check out all of them: Entry Policy

Pécs - Pécs-Pogány Airport, H-7666 Pogány, Repülőtér 08/9 hrsz.

GPS coordinates : 18.234054, 45.992873

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