Conditions of entry and participation

Every entering competitor/participant and volunteer is compelled to read the conditions and rules of entry carefully before entering for the running event by CRAZY RUNNING EVENTS.

By entering, every participant shall accept the contents of the running event announcement and the rules of the running event. Therefore they acknowledge that everybody shall run the running event at their own risk, the competitor/participant shall declare that his or her health condition is appropriate for the provisions of running the running event, and shall accept that the organizers of the running event shall not be held liable for a compensation for any competitor/participant's injury (fractures, bruises, dislocations) or damage occurring in connection with the running event.

The declaration reads as follows:

I understand that the running event may hold hazards for my health condition, so I participate in the running event only if I feel fully prepared both health wise and physically. I am aware of and accept all risks that participating in the running event entails.

I have my health condition checked regularly, and I am not aware of any disease that interferes with my participation. I shall permit that a sports doctor examines me if necessary and I shall accept the instructions of the doctors of the running event.

I shall initiate no civil or criminal law procedures against the organizers of the running event in any case of damage happening to me.

Images, videos shot during an event are in the property of CRAZY RUNNING EVENTS Kft., and they may be used for any promotional and other communicative purposes, and the persons in the images are not entitled for remuneration.

The organizers take no responsibility in the case of missing bags and valuables placed at the storage tent. The organizers of the running event do not run a safe deposit service.

I am aware that the competitor/participant who does not accomplish the distance of the running event shall be excluded from the running event, and as a result, shall not receive a finisher’s medal and a T-shirt.

I am aware that I may not enter the running event without the printed and signed entry . The competitor/participant is not entitled to any compensation in such a case.

I accept that I am at least 8 years old.

I accept that I am at least 130cm high.

I accept that if I have not reached 15 years of age, I shall run exclusively under parental supervision.

I accept that if I have not reached 18 years of age, either of my parents or legal councel shall also sign my entry , undertaking any potential consequences.

I accept that it is my responsibility to inform the organizers of the running event about any potential unlawful activity that I know of during the running event.

I accept that I am not under the influence of any kind of alcohol or drug during the running event. The organizers have the right to put a competitor/participant under medical examination, and if his or her health condition is found to be unsuitable, he or she may be excluded from the running event.

Further rules of the running event, that every competitor/particpant must comply with:

Please, wear the bib number at the front of the body, at a place clearly visible. The bib number must not be folded, safety pins to fix the bib numbers are to be found in the start packet and at the running event centre.

The bib number must not be removed until the competitor/participant leaves the designated track.

A competitor/participant who folds, covers, takes off, does not fix the bib number on his chest during the running event, or does not accomplish the full distance of the running event – defined by the organizers – shall be excluded from the running event.

A competitor/participant, who leaves his or her track, conducts an unsportsmanlike behaviour towards his or her fellow competitor/participants shall be excluded from the running event.

Using a follower car, bicycle or another vehicle is permitted only for the organizers.

Handing over food and drink to the competitor/participants is permitted only at the designated refreshment points.

Roller skating, cycling, running without a bib number or with a dog is prohibited, and results in exclusion from the running event.

On the premises of the sports event any commercial and promotional activity, or the promotion of another running running event may be done only with the prior permission of the organizers, in an agreed form and way.

The organizers of the running event reserve the right to limit the number of the competitor/participants entering, and close entry down at any time, for organizational reasons.

The organizers of the running event reserve the right to modify the route, the programme and time/date of the running event.

There is no possibility to cancel the entry. No refund is to be given back from the paid entry fee. The entry may be handed over to another competitor/participant for a fee.

By filling in and signing the entry form, and by entering online the competitor/participant accepts the conditions of the running event announcement and the rules of the running event.

We reserve the right to, in extreme weather conditions, to refrain from setting up certain obstacles or cancel the running event. In such a case the competitors/participants shall acknowledge that they are not entitled for any refund.

No competitor/participant over 18 years of age may sign the entry of another adult competitor/participant.

The participants must immediately inform the organizers of the running event or the volunteers if someone is injured, or an obstacle is not safe, or if they have a worry of any kind.

The competitors/participants can modify their entry only once. They can either hand their entry over to another person or change wave start. The modification can only be done for a certain fee. The entry handed over may not be changed again. They can only modify tickets which are not discounted. Discounted tickets cannot be modified. Discounted tickets: tickets with child discount, team entry tickets, tickets bought using coupons.

Every competitor/participant may run along the track only once in the wave time he or she registered for.

The competitor/participants must, for their own safety, run the running event with their hands free. No object may be carried. Phones may be carried only at the competitor/participants' own risk.

competitor/participants must go along the route of the running event, facing forward.

No food or drink or sharp objects may be taken into the obstacles.

competitor/participants must use the public restrooms.

No competitor/participants in wheel chairs or with hand bikes may enter the running event.

Pregnant and disabled competitor/participants are compelled to ask for their doctor's advice regarding participation in the running event.

competitor/participants must wait until the organizer/volunteer gives permission to use the obstacles. competitor/participants must follow every instruction the organizers/volunteers give.

A competitor/participant must reach a minimum of 130 cm body height, and may not have a body height higher than 2.00 metres.

A competitor/participant's maximum body weight may be 120 kg.

It is forbidden to use open flame, smoke, any sharp or pointed objects, or firearms throughout the entire territory of the running event.

Filling in the entry form is also a voluntary data disclosure. The entering competitor/participant permits that the organizers of the running event shall retain the data shared at entry in their database.

At entering the running event, by accepting the entry conditions of the running event announcement the competitor/participant accepts that the organizers shall send information regarding the running event to the e-mail address provided at entry.